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The Tale of the Three Brothers

25 Jul


So. Over the July 4th weekend I decided to embark on a new craft-like project. I’d always thought it would be cool to paint a chapter of a book on a wall, but never actually followed through with the vision. Untillllll I decided to ask my mom if she trusted me enough to paint the wall in the stairwell leading to the basement and she said YES. I started drawing lines on July 4th and two weeks later, I had successfully painted the entire chapter of The Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the wall, word for word. I completely guessed as to whether or not it would all fit, and miraculously it fit perfectly, all 20-something pages. I completely ruined my paintbrush, in the end, but I’d say it was worth it! I submitted this to craftgawker, my favorite website everrrr. You should totes check it out. If you wanna “favorite” my post go here. I’d love you forever, because nothing makes me happier than knowing that hundreds of complete strangers appreciate my work :)