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new scarves… to infinity and beyond.

6 Nov


Hey y’allllll!

As promised, here are my newest scarves! They’re “infinity scarves” or whatever. I’m warning you now, I take super awkward pictures. The lovely scenery is a lake on my sister’s campus, Kentucky’s very own Morehead State University. It’s pretty pretty.

blue paint on gray jersey.

double wrapped.

double wrapped.

red paint on gray jersey.


double wrapped.

Check out my ETSY SHOP if you’re interested in buying one. They make great gifts and they’re totally cooler than a mass produced store-bought scarf. Just saying. I’ve had a few friends request custom stenciled scarves as well, so if you’ve got something in mind for yourself or a friend or family member, send me a message or comment below and we’ll make a deal. That sounded sketchier than I wanted it to.

Yup. So I start my job tomorrow. That’s exciting. I’m nervy. What else is new! Wish me luck, friends :)

it’s like i’m full of electricity and i’m glowing in the dark.

19 Oct

For those of you that aren’t interested in blab, but that enjoy a fabulous discount, scroll to the bottom and BEHOLD! A coupon code for 10% off any item of your choice at my Etsy shop! Yeah.

Now for the blab.

I have a headache. Ugh. Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t bother texting me to “take some Advil” because I already have and it isn’t working. Anyway. It’s raining here in Oxford. And it’s cold. Both of those facts are keeping me from my favorite bench Uptown. Of course I could go to Kofenya or Starbucks and sit inside to read. But I’m an outside kinda girl. If it were ten degrees warmer, I’d go sit at the tiny little tables under the overhang at Starbucks and read in the rain. I’ve done that twice before, and both times I’ve been on the receiving end of at least two dozen “what-the-hell-do-you-think-you’re-doing-reading-outside-when-it’s-raining” looks from Miami students walking to and from campus. That’s always fun. But seriously? Let me read in peace, motha truckas. I’d also love to knit today, but again, I feel really lame knitting in my apartment, all alone and stuff. I’d rather get out for a few hours and knit Uptown. Another dilemma. I’ve found that Kofenya patrons don’t seem to be bothered by my decision to knit inside a coffee shop. Starbucks costumers, on the other hand, seem to mind. It’s written all over their faces. And it’s hilarious. Anyway.

The rain reminds me of a joke that my friend Amber told me a few weeks ago. I loved it. So I’mma share it with y’all. Here goes: Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella? …… fo drizzle. Awww yeah.

Yesterday was one of those days. Started off with a trip to the post office to ship a Lucy scarf. I sat Uptown until it started raining. Called Molly. Started crying. Got in my car. Ended up at Books-a-Million and Old Navy (by the way, the entire store was 50% and 75% off). Retail therapy commenced. And I am not ashamed.

I’m currently reading The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien. It’s pretty much fantastic. I bought another one of his novels, In the Lake of the Woods yesterday. Hopefully it’s good. I also bought AJ Jacobs’ The Know-It-All. I finished up his book about living the Bible literally a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. This one’s about his quest to read the Encyclopaedia Britannica in it’s entirety in one year. Should be fun.

I’m almost finished with Molly’s scarf. I realize I’ve been saying that I’m “halfway there” for the last two weeks, but honestly. I swear, it’s like I’ll knit for two hours, hold up the scarf to see how much longer it needs to be, and realize that while I’ve added ten inches, it still needs to be two feet longer. It’s whatever. I did buy some new yarn a few days ago, so I’ve got the motivation to finish this project!

In Etsy news, I’ve made five sales since Friday. Holy moo cow. Made a hundred bucks without much effort at all. Snazzy. If you or someone you know might be interested in something from my shop, enter the coupon code: ARTSYFARTSY1 for 10% off your purchase! Yeah!

That’s all I got for now, yo. I’ve got some new ideas for canvases… maybe in a few days I’ll post what I’ve been working on. A’yight. Talk to y’all laterrrr.