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swag scarfin’.

1 Sep


Howdy, folks! I just listed three new scarves at my Etsy shop. Supaaa excited! Two-ish weeks ago, I submitted this post to craftgawker and got some great feedback about my most recent scarf obsession. Check that out if you haven’t read it yet – it explains how I got started. Yup.

Now… meet the newest members of the stenciled family!

Current favorite is definitely Mr. Smarty Pants aka Einstein. COMMENT BELOW with any ideas you have for new stencils / what you think would look cool on a scarf. Next up I’mma try some Bible verses – hit up a different audience and make one for my aunt! Speaking of my aunt, I’ll be posting pics of what I painted on her walls earlier this week soooooon. Like, tomorrow. Probably. Also. If you know what song I’m referencing in the title of this post, you get a gold star. Figuratively. Unless you live near me… if that’s the case I’ll actually give you one. Better yet! If you really want your gold star, order a scarf on etsy and tell me to include it! Haaa – now I’m being selfish.

Thanks for looking and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!