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strawberry mash.

3 Oct


Excuse me while I go VOM. Last night my roommate, the fabulous Stormy Leugers, stumbled upon a link for a DIY teeth whitening recipe. I didn’t realize until just now that it’s a link from PETA2. HA. I joined that street team about five years ago when I first became vegan. They’re a bunch of crazies. Being the weirdos that we are, we decided to give it a try!

Step 1: Mash up a strawberry and mix it with some baking soda. Okay. Easy enough.

strawberry mash.

Step 2: Scoop the mash onto your toothbrush, brush your teeth, and let it sit for 5 minutes. Okay. NOT EASY. Stormy and I only lasted about two minutes. I don’t have much of an upchuck reflex, but the sight of the mash in the sink was absolutely horrific. That being said, I nearly threw up.

something doesnt seem right about this.


drool. attractive.

roommate bonding.

cue gags.

Step 3: Rinse out your mouth. The sooner, the better. Trust me.

Step 4: Go eat something hella sweet to get the taste out of your mouth and completely counteract the purpose of the strawberry mash.

Anyway. That’s what I did with my weekend – haha. I’ve been making some progress with my Etsy shop, which is goooood. I received a few custom orders after listing my quote paintings over the weekend, so I spent the better part of Sunday working on those. There are a few blank canvases left but I can’t quite decide what I want to paint just yet. I’ve got another request for a gift that I need to work on, but I can’t share details just yet because they might read this! Ha, that’s wishful thinking at it’s finest, but whatever.

Knitting has become my #newfavoritething. I’ve got three projects started. Of course none of them are finished. How typical. I’m still only using the knit stitch, but I have finally figured out how to purl and I’m working on perfecting ribbing. So that’s exciting. Some of my friends tell me I’ve reached old woman status because all I do is knit knit knit (no matter what). Whateverrr. I think 20-something year old knitters are COOL. Haters be jealous.

On a completely random note, this is my #newfavoritejam: wigglewigglewigglewigglewiggle song. You should see me dance around the apartment to this song. Yeah, Stormy, this happens when you’re in class. HA. Judge away.

So that’s that. Thanks for reading, and as always, HAPPY CRAFTING!

- Kirks