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they see me rollin.

6 Jul


Recently, I’ve become obsessed with rolling up strips of old magazine paper. The perfect use for these adorable little roll-ups, you ask? Just about anyyyything. Coasters. Bowls. Headbands. Hairclips. Earrings. Pendants. Picture frames. The list goes on. It’s a great way to recycle outdated magazines and it’s highly addicting. Yes, I am addicted to rollin’ paper. Saweeeeet.

The largest bowl I’ve made yet took me just over 16 hours and 60 glue sticks, about a foot and a half in diameter and 5 inches tall. It weighed a tonnn. I’m kind of OCD when it comes to putting the rolls together so that everything fits perfectly, which is what I don’t think anyone else really understands. 16 hours is a longgg flipping time… thank goodness for late-night Real Housewives marathons.

Unless you are present for every burn and blister, or for when a cat decides to sleep in the half-finished product and cracks it right in two, or for when your sister forgets to take it off the top of the toaster oven before she turns up the heat and melts all the glue, you won’t understand just how much work is put into them. Oh well. It’s worth it. I’ve experimented with ways to keep the bowls safe from wear and tear… and I’ve finally found something that makes them, well, pretty  much invincible. I’ll be keeping that a secret for now. I’m currently hoarding all of them. I’ve given a few away as gifts and listed one on etsy. Not because I really want to sell it, but because I don’t want a copy cat to beat me to it. Ya dig?  Coolzeens Etsy Shop. Cool beans meets magazines. Booyah.