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short arms.

12 Sep


So. Today I got stuck inside my car. I decided to drive Uptown, get a coffee, sit outside and read for a few hours. I found a parking space, turned off the car. Standard stuff. Went to pull the door handle and…………… nothing. Locked, then unlocked the door ten times. Nothing. Attempted to do the same with the passenger side door. NOTHING. What. The. Frup. During my minute long struggle, I realized I was melting (it was H-O-T in muh car). Stroke of genius. Roll the windows down and open the door from the outside! YES! Ehhhh, no. I have arms like a t-rex and the doors were jammed so tightly that no amount of pulling at that angle was going to open them. So. I settled on the only viable option left: climb out the window. Let’s make me look even more ridiculous. I crawled out, laughing hysterically at myself the entire time. Looked around after I was free and that’s when I saw a guy sitting at a picnic table no more than 30 feet away CRACKING UP. I said something to the effect of, “Oh, hey. That just happened.” After further inspection and a mighty yank on the door handle, I managed to open the door from the outside. The guy on the bench gave me a nod, as if to say “good job, you finally figured out how you’re supposed to get in and out of cars.” Laughing truly is the best medicine. Especially when you’re laughing at yourself.

I mentioned that I have short arms. It’s because I’m a short person. Check out these ancient pictures. My sister and I are three years apart. She outgrew me a long time ago, but of course we all knew that was coming, considering we were nearly the same size when I was five and she was two.

Tiny 5 year old. Enormous 2 year old.

Hella pissed to be sharing my Barbie Corvette with such an enormous baby. CLEARLY.