Once upon a time, a girl graduated college with the hopes of finding a job for a year before heading   to grad school. She spent hours and hours applying for many many kinds of jobs, with no luck at all. So, in between job searching and shoving her face with ice cream to cope with her move back home from the most fabulous place in the world (love and honor, Miami), she became addicted to her hot glue gun. And paintbrushes. And sewing. And the randomize button at craftgawker.com. And tormenting her many feline companions. Among other things. Per the request of a few friends and family members, this blog came to be…

… and I can’t promise that any of it will be worth reading. Here goes nothin’, y’all.

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  1. Ali Menoutis 28. Aug, 2011 11:09 am #


    My name is Ali, and I wanted to introduce you to THE BASICS Magazine. THE BASICS is an online lifestyle magazine dedicated to helping people
    in their daily life. The magazine has something for everyone from home design and repairs to cooking and entertaining.

    We love several of you DIY projects and thought our readers will like also. Starting in September we will start a new Before & Section. If interested, we would require 2 jpeg photos and a link to your blog / website explaining about the project itself.

    Have a Good Day,

    Ali Menoutis, PR
    THE BASIC Magazine

    • Liz Kirkham 28. Aug, 2011 11:59 am #

      Hi Ali,

      Well this is exciting! :) I would absolutely LOVE to be included. What images would you require (from which posts)?

      Thanks so much,

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