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12 Dec


Ohhhh hi.

Last Friday I was working on some rather interesting transfer articulation tables. Most of them were from random culinary schools and all the courses were coming in as electives. Because I was doing this for so many hours straight, I had to make it interesting. So I chose to find entertainment in the titles of some of the courses. One particular school, the Wisconsin Culinary School or something, had at least two dozen courses that were pretty standard. Ya know, “Sanitation,” “Kitchen Prep,” and so on. However, there were a few oddballs thrown in that gave me a chuckle, or at least added some interest. Meat Identification. Ice Carving. Lunch Cookery Trends (?). Comfort Food Production (sooo, mac and cheese class). And my favorite: Traditional Modern Vegetables. HELLO. Oxymoron.

I’ve also been having to abbreviate the crap out of school names. After saving one table for Finger Lakes Community College, I realized I chose to call it FNGR LKS. They must have a finger lickin’ good time.

There was also a period of about an hour when I was abbreviating “Freshman Seminar” as “Fresh Semin.” Oops. Haha.

Anyway. Got s’more Etsy orders, so that’s good.

My roommate and I had planned on getting a Christmas tree but never actually did. Soooo we threw some lights on Gerdy the dress form and put the presents under her… feet. Or prongs. Orrr whatever. Looky!



So that’s that. I bound a book over the weekend, too! Used some scrapbook paper and cardstock. It’s about 20 pages long. This is the only picture I have of it though. Cindy was helping to prop it up while the glue dried:

cindyyy and a handmade book.

Yeahhhh. She’s my manny head. I’ve had her for over four years. Someone named her Cindy awhile back and apparently scribbled her name on her neck in a Sharpie. Quite the head turner, eh? Now she’s mine and I love her dearly. She even has a facebook. Cindy Houchin Forrest. She’s pretty much head over heels in love with herself.

I really need to post some new stuff to my Etsy shop. I found a bunch of bracelets that my sister made a few years ago (they’re gorgeous!). We tried (and failed) at starting an Etsy shop for that then. But nowwww I think I’ll have a little more luck. Stay tuned for that post. Although, it could be a week before you see anything else from me. All I wanna do is sleeeeep. :)

nacho lunchable.

5 Dec


Sooooo guess what I just ate for dinner?

1. Nacho/Salsa Lunchable. Delish. Brought me back to 3rd grade.

2. A handful of Baked Ruffles – Cheddar and Sour Cream. OHHH MYYYY GOSHHH addicted.

3. A giant coffee mug of… orange juice.

Sometimes I disgust myself. It’s whatever.

My work day went surprisingly fast. I had a huge stack of transfer equivalencies to update and at least two dozen institutions to build grade tables for. That kept me busy. I’m getting better at answering the phone, too! So that’s exciting. Don’t you dare call me, though. :)

Last week, one of my coworkers gave me an umbrella that had been sitting in the office for over a year. Someone had left it behind (my guess is that they forgot it… deliberately). I don’t think she realized how much I appreciated this gesture, considering that this was the umbrella I received:

that would be a dog. and a shoe. uh huh.

Too perfect. Right?! Love it. Most awkward umbrella ever.

Tonight, the goal is to finish up a few Etsy orders, get them ready to ship out, and go to bed. I lead quite the exciting life, y’all.

My name is Harry P, to the O, to the T…

4 Dec

… to the T, to the E, to the R, that’s me! (he’s the magic man, he puts the hex in the city, don’t you call him Harry Potter, cause his name is H. Piddy).

Hey y’alllllll. Just a quick post – nothing super exciting or entertaining to talk about.

I just happened upon my blog’s page on Pinterest, and for the last fifteen minutes or so, I’ve been reading all the wonderful things people have said about my Harry Potter wall. I am still in shock that  this even happened. It was only four or five months ago that I was so hopelessly unemployed and bored out of my mind that I spent two weeks painting the stairwell. Never imagined that my work would be seen by so many people. We’re at over 80,000 views, y’all. And that’s just on the websites I’m aware of. No telling how many more people have seen it. WOW. So so so happy.

I’ve received a few more Etsy orders over the weekend… finishing those up now. So that’s good. Tomorrow’s another Monday. 6:30am will come soon enough.

Sorry for such a boring post! But as always, thanks for reading :)


28 Nov


Holy moo cow. Y’all! It’s been over two weeks… and I have the most perfect excuse. Ya see, my blog is titled “When Boredom Strikes,” and unfortunately for all you readers out there, boredom has yet to strike again since my last post! I guess that’s a good thing?


1. I have a job. A real big person job. And it’s DA BOMB. I’m working in the Registrar’s Office at Miami with a dozen or so of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve met at the University. I have my own desk and computer (with TWO super enormous computer monitors – I feel special) and all kinds of course bulletins and student handbooks and reference books. It’s great. I’m working on the Transfer Credit Evaluation and Transcript team… basically my life now consists of hundreds (if not thousands) of course equivalency tables, course descriptions, and school transcripts. Pretty fantastic.

2. I have another job. It’s called running my freaking insane Etsy shop. I’ve had a ton of custom scarf and canvas orders over the last two weeks. I’d basically get home from my nine to five and go straight to work on filling those orders. Finally… finally… as of this morning, I have closed all my orders. BOOYAH, MOTHA TRUCKAS. I couldn’t be more excited about the success of my shop. Seriously. Never expected this would happen in a million years.

3. Now that I’m all caught up on Etsy, I get to start working on Christmas gifts! Eeeeek! New favorite thing. Maybe after the new year I’ll post some pics of my projects.

4. My aunt saved me and my sister the “wishbone” on Thanksgiving. She made us rip it apart as soon as we walked in the kitchen. Molly has been a vegetarian for over fifteen years and a vegan for over five. I was vegan for five years and I’m now vegetarian. I’m not necessarily as grossed out by meat or animal bits and bones like she is, but it was still rather disgusting. We wore gloves. Funny? Ehhh… you tell me:

Molly... freaking out.

me freaking out.

Now, for your craft fix… here are some of the things I’ve been working on lately (either for my shop or for birthday gifts and the like…):

Tammy turned 21 and this is what I gave her. Bearded men galore!

so hot. lol.

painted some mugs at the local pottery-firing joint.

they were displayed in the front window. nbd.

custom Etsy order. that was fun.

Tonya turned 21 and this is what Tammy ordered for her. Im Ole Gregggggg.

dont get it? youtube ole gregg. actuallyyy, dont. its almost too creepy.

seven stencils. two hours per stencil. my fingers still hurt but it was so worth it.

another custom order. not as time consuming as the other quote, but still a big project.

So that’s that. I promise I’ll try to blog more often. I miss it lots and lots, but my bedtime comes much earlier than 3am now (that’s when I’d usually write my posts). Remind me to tell you about the psychedelic Christmas music that was playing Uptown over the weekend… that story needs to be told (next!).

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

- Kirky

uh oh.

14 Nov

So. It’s been almost a week. I know. Shame on me. I have a few crafty posts on my list but no time to write them! My job is fantastic and my Etsy shop is becoming quite the success. I had three more orders this weekend alone, all custom, so I’ve been a busy bee trying to fill them. As far as the next crafty post goes, I’mma try for tomorrow night after work. What can you look forward to reading, you ask? Bearded men. Lots of paint. Get excited!

In the meantime, check out Pinterest. Or Craftgawker. Or Etsy. Lots of inspiration at each of those sites!

Thanks for your patience!

- Liz

rip van winkle had it made.

8 Nov

YO, PEEPS. Today was my first day of work. A real job. Legit shittt. The Registrar’s Office deserves SO much for credit for the work they do. I’m exhausted and planning on going to bed in ten minutes or less. This is going to be my new life:

6:30am: wake up

6:35am: take ice cold shower

6:45am: power up laptop, mess around on facebook

7am: throw on an adorable outfit

7:10am: sit on couch, think about how much easier life would be if I were a cat and could sleep whenever the hell I wanted to

7:50am: drive to work

8am – 12pm: codes. numbers. acronyms. transcripts. transfer credits. course descriptions. log-in screens. confusion.

12pm: lunch. NOMS!

1pm – 5pm: codes. numbers. acronyms. transcripts. transfer credits. course descriptions. log-in screens. confusion.

5:15pm: arrive home, sit on couch, veg out because it’s not like I have homework to do anymore

8pm: start thinking about bedtime

10pm: attempt to sleep

11pm: attempt to sleep, check Facebook

12am: attempt to sleep, watch Arrested Development on Netflix

1am: attempt to sleep, check Facebook

2am: attempt to sleep, play Robot Unicorn Attack

3am: fall asleep

3 Nov


I’m a few days behind in announcing this FANTASTIC news, but I AM EMPLOYED! AHHH! It’s been 7 months! Over 250 job applications! Around 15 interviews! At least 3 long and aimless drives through corn fields to escape from the misery of having nothing to wake up for! Countless week-long craft projects to occupy my time! Y’all have been there for it all. Only now, in November, when I thought all hope was lost, I receive an offer to work full-time at Miami University with the Office of the Registrar. OH. MY. GOSH.

So. Here’s what went down. About a month ago I had my interview and thought it went terribly. I walked away laughing at myself for the way I must have come off, thinking that I had a better chance of being attacked by a shark on the sidewalk than getting that job. Seeing a unicorn with a glowing rainbow mane. Receiving my letter from Hogwarts 11 years too late. Saving all the stray and starving kitteh cats in the world with the snap of my fingers. All of those things were more likely to happen. Anyway, back to the story. This past Monday I got an email from them saying that I should have received an email last week for a pre-employment background check, and since they never heard from me, they figured I was no longer interested. UM. WHAT?! Long story short, there was a technical glitch… never got the email. Good news is, I passed my background check (duh) and accepted the job. I start Monday. EEEEEK :)

To celebrate, my mom told me to go buy Starbucks. So I did. And it was the most delicious flipping iced coffee I have ever tasted.

This weekend is my cousin’s wedding, so it’s gonna be a little hectic. I’ve been getting more orders on Etsy than I know what to do with, which is fantastic. I just bought new fabric the other day and I’m making gray jersey infinity scarves and painting stripes on them. I am so smart. Seriously. You’re gonna love them. I’m hoping to take pictures of them this weekend and post them here and on Etsy Sunday. Get excited. You’re so totally gonna want one.

I’ve also been making adorable little mustache business card thingy things. I was going to have them printed, but then I got to thinking… Handmade or the Highway. I need to make these myself. So I did. LOOKY:


They’re made out of super colorful cardstock and a sharpie. Boom.

Anyway. Look for the new scarves this Sunday. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy crafting!

- Kirks

no touching.

31 Oct


Oh hey. It’s been a few days! How y’all doin?

I’ve had a lot going on lately and surprisingly not much to blog about. Here’s my week in pictures. Kind of.

The RHA Homecoming Bonfire was a huge success...thats me with the bangs. Yeah.

RHA in the Homecoming Parade. I basically stalk them.

This is what happens when you get stuck in traffic because of an accident after bra shopping.

My cute new dress for my cousins wedding this coming weekend!

So yeahhhh. That’s that. I currently smell like Christmas (cinnamon-y evergreen-y) because I just crawled inside a giant tube of fabric that I bought at Jo-Ann Fabrics this afternoon. And Jo-Ann Fabrics smells like Christmas. Straight up. Bye bye Halloween, hello Santa Claus. I had to make a run to get s’more jersey for my scarves becauuuuse I’ve sold so many over the weekend! By so many, I mean, like, five. But that’s a lot more than I ever expected so I’m pretty friggin excited. I’m working on new stencils, too. Goal is to have some new scarves to show to a few local shops before the holiday shopping season is here. I’ve had an idea for a United States President line in the back of my mind for a few months now. Picture this: Abe Lincoln saying “Oh, hey.” Georgy WaRshington asking “Yo, sup?” Yeah. That’s happening. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, if YOU or anyone you know is in need of an awesomely original gift for a friend or loved one, check out my Etsy shop! GO HERE. I take custom orders all the time so if you want something that I don’t have, just message me!

Wow. I realize this post wasn’t as fun and creepy as the cemetery post. If you made it this far, congratulations! Now I’m going to go watch episodes of Arrested Development on Netflix. I can’t believe I never gave this show a chance until now. I’m only twelve episodes into the first season and I’m in love. IN LOVE. I can’t say that it beats HIMYM, but it comes awfully close.

Until next time, friends! Thanks for reading :)


25 Oct


Apparently I’m unusual. Go figure. By appearance, I’d say I’m pretty normal. I’m always put together. I accessorize. I fix my hair. It’s my personality that people can’t seem to get used to. Maybe they get used to it, but I can’t tell you how many times people call me weird.

Stupid things creep me out. I read three books at a time. I talk to cats. I dance without picking my feet up off the floor. My doodles consist of bearded men, owls, stick figures and leaves with faces. You can’t take me anywhere in public without running the risk of hearing my squawking goose laugh. I like dropping packages off inside the post office so I can make small talk with really old people while I wait in line.

Today, I did something that’s bound to freak people out. I knit in a 180 year old cemetery (this takes the cake, doesn’t it?). The Oxford Township Cemetery is about ten minutes outside of Oxford. It sits off to the side of Brown Road at the top of a small hill, completely surrounded by corn fields. There are, oh, maybe 30 walnut trees, and only 20 marked graves, most of them from the 1840′s. It’s quiet and peaceful and beautiful and I love it. I like cemeteries. I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of about them, especially the older cemeteries. The people buried in the Oxford Township Cemetery were all members of the First Congregation of Christian Disciples (aka the Campbellites). I don’t know why people are afraid of “spirits” in a cemetery like this, especially when you consider that these people embraced their faith. Sure, there are bodies buried there, but so what. “Rest in Peace” is said for a reason.

Just look.

oh, hey.


location of the meeting house.




her name was eliza jane.

I know it’s nearly impossible to read, but here’s the freaky part: Her name was Eliza Jane. She died in August 1843 at the age of 22 years 9 months 3 days. My name is Elizabeth Jane. I am 22 years 9 months 11 days today. So strange.

the other side.

blue sky.


crooked tree.

my tree.


happy camper.

Have I changed your mind yet? Probably not… anyway. That’s what I did today. It’s a real shame that it’s getting so chilly outside, otherwise I’d be visiting this friendly little graveyard more often. You go right ahead and judge me :)

negative cool points.

24 Oct


Yo, sup. This post goes to show how extremely un-cool I am. Not because of the nail polish / newsprint tutorial thingy. But because I’m quite possibly the worst subject of a picture ever. EVER. Thanks, Tonya Atha, for this awesome idea!

base coat.

newspaper squares.

rubbing alcohol.

apply rubbing alcohol to newspaper square with a cotton ball.

 Put a clear coat over this so it doesn’t rub off an hour later. Lesson learned.

this is why im not a hand model.

hand model. i have no teeth. uncomfortable just looking at this.

That is all.

keep calm and carry yarn.

23 Oct


Y’all! Exciting news! I have finally, finally, finished Molly’s scarf. BOOM. Betcha never saw that coming. Casting off might just be more rewarding than dropping off packages at the post office to be shipped to Etsy buyers. (Speaking of which, I sold another scarf last night and it was awesomeee.) Knit stitch is a piece of cake. Purl stitch, on the other hand, still confuses the hell out of me. I thought I’d be able to pick it back up pretty quickly, juuuust like I did when I learned it a few weeks ago. NOPE. Chuck Testa. I struggled for a good hour or so the other night… this is all too familiar. Oh well. Hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be able to purl like a boss.

The last few days have been pretty spiffy. During our Thursday coffee date, Amber and I tried brainstorming new ideas for my etsy shop. Back in September, I stenciled my signature mustache on some old canvas I found. The idea was to put two stenciled pieces together, stitch away, and make a mustache plush. I played around with two sizes; one about 5 inches long and another about 3 inches long. (Don’t you dare That’s What She Said me, I simply will not have it!) I’m still working out the issues, but I think the smaller plush mustaches would make adorable key chains. Again, this is all just an experiment. Stay tuned!

Friday, Jen and I got lunch at 45 East and I had the yummiest salad of all time (almonds, bleu cheese crumbles, mandarin oranges and a raspberry vinaigrette). We chatted about the usual shtuff and she gave me some information about a Masters program that I’m seriously beginning to consider. Woot! Alsoooo. Jen has started a blog of her own and gave me permission to share it with y’all! Check it out: At First Glance: Inspiring Creative Thoughts and Pauses. SO EXCITED ALREADY!

Saturday was equally exciting! Amber and I went to You’re Fired and painted mugssss yessss loved that. Then we got dinner at Kona and marveled at how funky and unexpected the restaurant was. Saturday night, Jen and I went to see a few friends perform in The Crucible at the Oxford Community Arts Center. Supaaa fun :)

So that brings us to today. Sunday. I’m doing laundry. Knitting. Blogging. And brainstorming ideas for Christmas gifts and birthday presents. Speaking of gifts, you know what would make an awesome present?! Anything from  my Etsy shop. Yep. As mentioned in a previous post, enter the coupon code ARTSYFARTSY1 for 10% off your purchase. Aww yeahhh.

Thanks for reading. Happy craftinggg!

- Kirks

midnight snack.

20 Oct

I know I just blogged, but it’s technically a new day so I’m totally justifying this post. However, I don’t know that I’m able to justify the choice I just made for my late-night hunger fix.

I just ate two packs of Gushers (tropical and strawberry), followed by half a bag of Husman’s potato chips and a slice of American cheese.