12 Dec

Ohhhh hi.

Last Friday I was working on some rather interesting transfer articulation tables. Most of them were from random culinary schools and all the courses were coming in as electives. Because I was doing this for so many hours straight, I had to make it interesting. So I chose to find entertainment in the titles of some of the courses. One particular school, the Wisconsin Culinary School or something, had at least two dozen courses that were pretty standard. Ya know, “Sanitation,” “Kitchen Prep,” and so on. However, there were a few oddballs thrown in that gave me a chuckle, or at least added some interest. Meat Identification. Ice Carving. Lunch Cookery Trends (?). Comfort Food Production (sooo, mac and cheese class). And my favorite: Traditional Modern Vegetables. HELLO. Oxymoron.

I’ve also been having to abbreviate the crap out of school names. After saving one table for Finger Lakes Community College, I realized I chose to call it FNGR LKS. They must have a finger lickin’ good time.

There was also a period of about an hour when I was abbreviating “Freshman Seminar” as “Fresh Semin.” Oops. Haha.

Anyway. Got s’more Etsy orders, so that’s good.

My roommate and I had planned on getting a Christmas tree but never actually did. Soooo we threw some lights on Gerdy the dress form and put the presents under her… feet. Or prongs. Orrr whatever. Looky!



So that’s that. I bound a book over the weekend, too! Used some scrapbook paper and cardstock. It’s about 20 pages long. This is the only picture I have of it though. Cindy was helping to prop it up while the glue dried:

cindyyy and a handmade book.

Yeahhhh. She’s my manny head. I’ve had her for over four years. Someone named her Cindy awhile back and apparently scribbled her name on her neck in a Sharpie. Quite the head turner, eh? Now she’s mine and I love her dearly. She even has a facebook. Cindy Houchin Forrest. She’s pretty much head over heels in love with herself.

I really need to post some new stuff to my Etsy shop. I found a bunch of bracelets that my sister made a few years ago (they’re gorgeous!). We tried (and failed) at starting an Etsy shop for that then. But nowwww I think I’ll have a little more luck. Stay tuned for that post. Although, it could be a week before you see anything else from me. All I wanna do is sleeeeep. :)

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  1. fav aunt 13. Dec, 2011 10:18 am #

    ‘what’s a nice girl like you’ writing about fresh semin! lol…veddy funny lizzy

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