nacho lunchable.

5 Dec

Sooooo guess what I just ate for dinner?

1. Nacho/Salsa Lunchable. Delish. Brought me back to 3rd grade.

2. A handful of Baked Ruffles – Cheddar and Sour Cream. OHHH MYYYY GOSHHH addicted.

3. A giant coffee mug of… orange juice.

Sometimes I disgust myself. It’s whatever.

My work day went surprisingly fast. I had a huge stack of transfer equivalencies to update and at least two dozen institutions to build grade tables for. That kept me busy. I’m getting better at answering the phone, too! So that’s exciting. Don’t you dare call me, though. :)

Last week, one of my coworkers gave me an umbrella that had been sitting in the office for over a year. Someone had left it behind (my guess is that they forgot it… deliberately). I don’t think she realized how much I appreciated this gesture, considering that this was the umbrella I received:

that would be a dog. and a shoe. uh huh.

Too perfect. Right?! Love it. Most awkward umbrella ever.

Tonight, the goal is to finish up a few Etsy orders, get them ready to ship out, and go to bed. I lead quite the exciting life, y’all.

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