28 Nov

Holy moo cow. Y’all! It’s been over two weeks… and I have the most perfect excuse. Ya see, my blog is titled “When Boredom Strikes,” and unfortunately for all you readers out there, boredom has yet to strike again since my last post! I guess that’s a good thing?


1. I have a job. A real big person job. And it’s DA BOMB. I’m working in the Registrar’s Office at Miami with a dozen or so of the nicest and hardest working people I’ve met at the University. I have my own desk and computer (with TWO super enormous computer monitors – I feel special) and all kinds of course bulletins and student handbooks and reference books. It’s great. I’m working on the Transfer Credit Evaluation and Transcript team… basically my life now consists of hundreds (if not thousands) of course equivalency tables, course descriptions, and school transcripts. Pretty fantastic.

2. I have another job. It’s called running my freaking insane Etsy shop. I’ve had a ton of custom scarf and canvas orders over the last two weeks. I’d basically get home from my nine to five and go straight to work on filling those orders. Finally… finally… as of this morning, I have closed all my orders. BOOYAH, MOTHA TRUCKAS. I couldn’t be more excited about the success of my shop. Seriously. Never expected this would happen in a million years.

3. Now that I’m all caught up on Etsy, I get to start working on Christmas gifts! Eeeeek! New favorite thing. Maybe after the new year I’ll post some pics of my projects.

4. My aunt saved me and my sister the “wishbone” on Thanksgiving. She made us rip it apart as soon as we walked in the kitchen. Molly has been a vegetarian for over fifteen years and a vegan for over five. I was vegan for five years and I’m now vegetarian. I’m not necessarily as grossed out by meat or animal bits and bones like she is, but it was still rather disgusting. We wore gloves. Funny? Ehhh… you tell me:

Molly... freaking out.

me freaking out.

Now, for your craft fix… here are some of the things I’ve been working on lately (either for my shop or for birthday gifts and the like…):

Tammy turned 21 and this is what I gave her. Bearded men galore!

so hot. lol.

painted some mugs at the local pottery-firing joint.

they were displayed in the front window. nbd.

custom Etsy order. that was fun.

Tonya turned 21 and this is what Tammy ordered for her. Im Ole Gregggggg.

dont get it? youtube ole gregg. actuallyyy, dont. its almost too creepy.

seven stencils. two hours per stencil. my fingers still hurt but it was so worth it.

another custom order. not as time consuming as the other quote, but still a big project.

So that’s that. I promise I’ll try to blog more often. I miss it lots and lots, but my bedtime comes much earlier than 3am now (that’s when I’d usually write my posts). Remind me to tell you about the psychedelic Christmas music that was playing Uptown over the weekend… that story needs to be told (next!).

Thanks for reading and happy crafting!

- Kirky

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    Awesomesauce. :D

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