3 Nov

I’m a few days behind in announcing this FANTASTIC news, but I AM EMPLOYED! AHHH! It’s been 7 months! Over 250 job applications! Around 15 interviews! At least 3 long and aimless drives through corn fields to escape from the misery of having nothing to wake up for! Countless week-long craft projects to occupy my time! Y’all have been there for it all. Only now, in November, when I thought all hope was lost, I receive an offer to work full-time at Miami University with the Office of the Registrar. OH. MY. GOSH.

So. Here’s what went down. About a month ago I had my interview and thought it went terribly. I walked away laughing at myself for the way I must have come off, thinking that I had a better chance of being attacked by a shark on the sidewalk than getting that job. Seeing a unicorn with a glowing rainbow mane. Receiving my letter from Hogwarts 11 years too late. Saving all the stray and starving kitteh cats in the world with the snap of my fingers. All of those things were more likely to happen. Anyway, back to the story. This past Monday I got an email from them saying that I should have received an email last week for a pre-employment background check, and since they never heard from me, they figured I was no longer interested. UM. WHAT?! Long story short, there was a technical glitch… never got the email. Good news is, I passed my background check (duh) and accepted the job. I start Monday. EEEEEK :)

To celebrate, my mom told me to go buy Starbucks. So I did. And it was the most delicious flipping iced coffee I have ever tasted.

This weekend is my cousin’s wedding, so it’s gonna be a little hectic. I’ve been getting more orders on Etsy than I know what to do with, which is fantastic. I just bought new fabric the other day and I’m making gray jersey infinity scarves and painting stripes on them. I am so smart. Seriously. You’re gonna love them. I’m hoping to take pictures of them this weekend and post them here and on Etsy Sunday. Get excited. You’re so totally gonna want one.

I’ve also been making adorable little mustache business card thingy things. I was going to have them printed, but then I got to thinking… Handmade or the Highway. I need to make these myself. So I did. LOOKY:


They’re made out of super colorful cardstock and a sharpie. Boom.

Anyway. Look for the new scarves this Sunday. Thanks for reading, and as always, happy crafting!

- Kirks

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