25 Oct

Apparently I’m unusual. Go figure. By appearance, I’d say I’m pretty normal. I’m always put together. I accessorize. I fix my hair. It’s my personality that people can’t seem to get used to. Maybe they get used to it, but I can’t tell you how many times people call me weird.

Stupid things creep me out. I read three books at a time. I talk to cats. I dance without picking my feet up off the floor. My doodles consist of bearded men, owls, stick figures and leaves with faces. You can’t take me anywhere in public without running the risk of hearing my squawking goose laugh. I like dropping packages off inside the post office so I can make small talk with really old people while I wait in line.

Today, I did something that’s bound to freak people out. I knit in a 180 year old cemetery (this takes the cake, doesn’t it?). The Oxford Township Cemetery is about ten minutes outside of Oxford. It sits off to the side of Brown Road at the top of a small hill, completely surrounded by corn fields. There are, oh, maybe 30 walnut trees, and only 20 marked graves, most of them from the 1840′s. It’s quiet and peaceful and beautiful and I love it. I like cemeteries. I don’t think there’s anything to be afraid of about them, especially the older cemeteries. The people buried in the Oxford Township Cemetery were all members of the First Congregation of Christian Disciples (aka the Campbellites). I don’t know why people are afraid of “spirits” in a cemetery like this, especially when you consider that these people embraced their faith. Sure, there are bodies buried there, but so what. “Rest in Peace” is said for a reason.

Just look.

oh, hey.


location of the meeting house.




her name was eliza jane.

I know it’s nearly impossible to read, but here’s the freaky part: Her name was Eliza Jane. She died in August 1843 at the age of 22 years 9 months 3 days. My name is Elizabeth Jane. I am 22 years 9 months 11 days today. So strange.

the other side.

blue sky.


crooked tree.

my tree.


happy camper.

Have I changed your mind yet? Probably not… anyway. That’s what I did today. It’s a real shame that it’s getting so chilly outside, otherwise I’d be visiting this friendly little graveyard more often. You go right ahead and judge me :)

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